Friday, January 29, 2010

Performance at Family Dollar Tomorrow

An artist stopped by yesterday to give me the above poster (which is in color but for some reason my scanner is only scanning b&w - go figure). It seems there is a performance happening tomorrow night at 7 pm in the parking lot of the Family Dollar at 1836 East 10th Street.

I've never watched performance art in the parking lot of a Family Dollar and the prospect has me quite excited. Unfortunately, I can't make it. So you should go. And tell me about it. And video tape it...

Sadly, I didn't even get the artist's name. And if you can't tell from the above scanned image, the official title is "DESIRE or, How you look lying in your bed (in dark), as I close the door: down the stairs, out into the street, again (at night)." Seriously, go.

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