Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Museum Superbowl Madness

Jean-Valentin Morel, image via IMA website

For those of you not following Tyler Green via facebook, twitter or his blog, you'll probably be interested to know he has challenged the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art to place a bet on the upcoming Superbowl.

IMA Director Max Anderson was the first to respond, offering to loan a contemporary painting by Ingrid Calame to the New Orleans museum for three months should the Saints somehow beat the Colts. NOMA Director quickly responded by offering a "three month loan of its $4 million Renoir painting, Seamstress at Window, circa 1908, which is currently in the big Renoir exhibition in Paris."

How has Max responded? "We'll see the sentimental blancmange by that 'China Painter' and raise you a proper trophy: a Jean-Valentine Morel jeweled cup (pictured above), which won the Grand Medal at the 1855 Paris World Fair."

Stay tuned.

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