Thursday, December 17, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posting recently. I've got a fab new website in the works as well as an amazing exhibition schedule I'm lining up to kick off 2009. In the meantime, I thought I'd give you a little peak as to what's available at the gallery as well as our new design space in Dean Johnson Gallery. That's right, all of your contemporary art and contemporary design needs and wants at one address. Here's just a smidgen:

Morgen Bosler's amazing ceramic urns (above). Should I ever get married, and should said wife happen to pass before me, her final resting place will be in one of Morgen's urns. And I'm already picking one out for my four year old dog even though she will live forever! The urns start around $275.

Ted Ross will soon complete his MFA in Furniture Design at Herron School of Art. He's good. Really good. Above is his Dogleg Bench. It's hand made with birch and acrylic, fabulous, and yours for $1100. Below is the latest piece from his Prosthesis series. Ummm, yeah. And only $750.

There is also an amazing array of lamps by Ben Langebartels made from pages of phone books, vases by the unstoppable Lauren Zoll, 3 installations by Nick Allman that will knock your socks off, as well as new drawings from Danielle Riede. And I haven't even mentioned Jeff Geesa's rockin' show in the gallery yet! I'll post more pics and info as I photograph new items.

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