Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is there a trend here?

Yesterday over at On the Cusp, Scott reported about an artist who guerrilla-style installed a piece at the IMA and apparently has done so at 12 other institutions across the country. Well, yesterday's Seattle Times reports a similar story only this time the artist installed his papier-mache sculptures outside at the Gas Works Sculpture Gardens and states that it has been "gifted to the citizens of Seattle in the spirit of awakening."

I mentioned in the comments section of Scott's post that I was somewhat torn on how I felt about this. I have always been in favor of the guerrilla exhibit. I feel if no one is going to give you a break than you need to make the break yourself. I often take inspiration from Maurizio Cattelan who once stole the contents of a neighboring gallery the night before the opening of his own exhibition and claimed it as his own. The key is - and here's the trick - you've got to know how to pull it off. Both the stunt at the IMA and in the Seattle sculpture park are pretty tired and played out. In both cases I figure no harm, no foul. But the reason we love contemporary art is the creativity and ingenuity when the art is at it's best. I'd quite frankly would like to see a little more of that around town.

Disclaimer: I am not condoning any guerilla exhibitions at the IMA or any other fine institution in town or any other sort of vandalism. As I said above, that idea is tired. But may our fine city be your canvas.

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